For Efisio Romeo, the salsa instructor of Salsa Libre, music has always played an important part in his life. Between the ages of 8 and 24 years old, he learned to play the trumpet, piano and guitar and performed as a solo artist as well as playing in bands and orchestras. At the age of twenty he began studying at the Maastricht Academy of Music. He studied for becoming a teacher and orchestra conductor. His education included also subjects such as pedagogy, teaching methodology and psychology.
After his study he immersed himself in the world of salsa dancing. After several years of dancing and being taught by the best salsa instructors available, he decided it was time to start his own dance school “Salsa Libre”. Efisio Romeo’s passion for music and the great satisfaction he has in teaching others have always been, and to this day still are, a primary drive in his reputable endeavor in teaching salsa. Because of his musical background Efisio Romeo has that extra edge that gives an extra dimension to his salsa lessons and he devotes a lot of attention to certain things in music that are very important, namely;



Music, combined with dancing or singing etc. has little effect if you don’t allow yourself to FEEL the music and enjoy it. For example, one can dance a very complicated dance combination but it will look awkward and totally miss the mark if danced without ‘feeling’ the rhythm of the music. The way we ‘translate’ the music into our body movements is essential to make our dance moves look more graceful and elegant. Of course, these body movements will feel strange in the beginning but with time you will feel more confident and it will come naturally.


The same applies to the rhythm. Again, a complicated dance combination misses its effect, if one dances out of rhythm. One can compare it to a singer whose intonation and key are a little too low or high so that one thinks they hear the singer as if singing out of tune. At times, you will even find seasoned dancers dancing still not aware of the correct rhythm and the courses they have followed have thereby missed its purpose. Fun is obviously a key part of dancing, but as an instructor Efisio wants his students to really learn a lot and be proud to say….Salsa Libre taught us everything we know!


If you enjoy what you do, learning is much easier and faster which automatically inspires you to practice at home what you have learned in class. If you participate in a lesson once a week without practicing at home in between, it will take you a lot longer to get the full benefits of the lessons taught. Practice only 10 minutes a day and watch yourself improve in strides!