We speak dutch, german, english, french and italian 😉

Location in Germany:

At the moment we stopped our activities in Germany.


Location in the Netherlands:

Landgraaf (NL) : Partycentrum “Het Streeperkruis”, Streeperstraat 66, 6371GN Landgraaf

Huge woodendancefloor with a bar where you can drink something)

At the moment we stopped our activities in the Netherlands. 


Location in Italy:

SUMMER LOCATION >Vigili del Fuoco,  Poetto – Quartu Sant’Elena

WINTER LOCATION > CAPOHORN, viale Monastir Cagliari (di fronte cimitero e accanto Rist. cinese Fuego)

Teacher in Sardinia is Romeo himsef from Salsa Libre .

In Italy we have a summer location on the beach (july until end of september) and a winter location.


For the exact courseprogram look in the menu for the italian language. 

Please register yourself before, by mailing us > info@salsa-libre.eu

Also singles are welcome ! Each course lasts 10 weeks/lessons.


CASA SALSA LIBRE SARDINIA / ITALY – your holiday apartment 😉 

From 1th July – 31th October you can dance 7 days a week OPEN AIR SALSA / BACHATA / KIZOMBA  Courses & Parties in one of the many bars of Poetto Beach in Cagliari !

Sometimes there are also workshops from international artists, live bands etc.

You sleep at Casa Salsa Libre and you can create your own dance-program. You can participate when you want. It is not obliged to take part every evening. In Sardinia there is a large Cuban community which brings you every night spectacular animation during the parties.Together with the beach and the sun, you will feel yourself like you would be in Cuba;-)

Look in the menu “bed&breakfast” for more information.