course fees


At Salsa Libre, getting started with salsa dancing is easy.
Just walk-in at any of the different available class locations and follow a free introductory lesson.

At the end of the class, you can choose to sign up for the course. In that case the trial lesson has to be  paid because it’s already included in the 10 lessons package.
In the unlikely possibility you did not enjoy it, leave it and you had a free lesson 😉

Either way, you are always welcome 😉


There is NO registration fee, NO obligation for medical control and NO obligaton or costs for assurance.


We speak dutch, english, german, french and italian 😉 



Course fees in the Netherlands are the same as in our German location.

1 course  €6,50 per lesson

2 courses €11 for 2 lessons

3 courses €15 for three lessons.

Students younger than 22 years are paying only €50 for each course no matter how many courses they sign up for.


Course fees in Italy:

In Italy we have SUMMER BEACH PROMOTIONS and Winter prices.


For the exact information of every single country, check the tab “course program” in every single language.


Discount with Social Deal or Wow Deal only valid for course Level 1 and only in the countries where they are offering this kind of discount.


Info/registration > ROMEO 

GSM: 0039-345 856 6126 (IT)


All courses are subject to availability.
In the event that less than 14 students enroll at a particular location, Salsa Libre reserves the right to cancel that particular course.
Enrolled students then have the option to wait for the next available course or participate at one of the other Salsa Libre locations.